Compare and Contrast: Dell & Intel

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While reading these two chapters from two different CEOs, I wasn't surprised to find very similar ideas and strategies between them. The bottom line is business sense in the right way. Both CEOs have incredible business sense that they could walk into any company and make it better than before. The difference between the two is how they communicate with the reader. You have Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer Corporation who speaks mostly common sense. This chapter was an easier read for me. Then you have Andy Grove, CEO of Intel who speaks more on the senior management level and adding common language of everyday people in the mix.
Michael Dell speaks of cutting out the middleman to ultimately increase your bottom-line, while Andy Grove mostly discusses keeping up with change in your business. Dell's approach is simple, knowing what your customer wants in order to keep them happy and satisfied which in turn can only help your business. I would say that in Dell each customer "owns" a piece of the company. There are no distributors, the customer calls in tells you exactly want they want or what they think they want and by having someone answering the phone that is knowledgeable about the product can guide the customer in the right direction for perfect end item. I say what a great idea, always keeping the customer involved so you keep making what the customer wants. How can a company that is product driven fail with that type of attitude? Grove's success comes from never being too satisfied or too comfortable with where you are in business. Complacency is a word I 've heard in this chapter and in the military as this can be the difference in life and both business and real life.
He spoke of many cliché’s and when analyzed are used every day without thought. When testing you always hear “go with your first instinct”. What's your…...