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Compare and Contrast Essat Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" and Thomas Wolfe's "The Child by Tiger"

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compare and contrast essay Nathaniel Hawthornes "Young Good man Brown" and Thomas Wolfe's "The Child By Tiger"


ENGL: Literature and Composition 2011
Robert James Tebow
15 December 2011

Introduction: I. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story “Young Goodman Brown” and Thomas Wolfe’s short story “The Child by Tiger” show glaring similarities in many parts of each stories structure. Even though these stories were set in different time periods and different cultures, there is unity in their conflicts, themes, and author’s purpose. a. In Hawthorne’s piece the basic conflict arises early in the story, this is Goodman Brown’s choice to either join in the satanic activities or maintain his puritan beliefs. b. Goodman Brown realizes the public’s weakness in morality and faith. Brown experiences a great deal of disappointment especially when he sees his old bible teacher Goody Cloyse and Deacon Goonkin with the devil. c. Although Brown saw the people in his community participating in these activities that are contrary to his beliefs, he still was not sure if it was true or only a dream. d. My deepest sympathy goes out to the main character Goodman Brown. He distanced himself from the community after their alleged sinful activity according to Brown, but it could have been a dream which shows what can happen to those who have unproven assumptions of others. II. “The child by Tiger” wrote by Thomas Wolfe shows the ever present uncertainty of human tendencies and what society can bring about. e. The conflict in this story comes later on as a shock to the reader, which is how any good sole can become evil. f. This conflict begins to ascend within Dick Prosser when he is hit by Lon Pilcher while driving. After they step out of their cars Lon punches Prosser in the face twice. After the accident the boys find a...

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