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Compare And Contrast Facebook And Twitter Essay

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Social media platforms have been on the rise since the start of technology. Everyone has a different person for stepping into the virtual world, but we all join with one purpose. Connection. Whether this be between family, friends, or just ourselves. Canvases of black and white photos and daily updates filled with nostalgic memories; social media had its purpose, but are some platforms better than others? Twitter and Facebook are two of the most common sites that have remained over the evolution of technology. Both have updated and transformed into complete replicas of our mind; suggestions of products that we know and love, videos that produce tears of joy, and posts that hold our entire life in a simple cropped and filtered image. But sometimes too much freedom can be a little overbearing. Facebook allows for posts to have an infinite word count which can provide readers with all the information they need, but it can also take up an entire screen. Twitter on the other hand has a 280 character limit and …show more content…
Constant sites and accounts are hacked daily and therefore, users are going to seek out those who know how to protect their people. Twitter and Facebook both have privacy settings in which their followers can do as they please, but one interesting difference between the two is that you cannot friend someone on Facebook without their approval. On Twitter, one can simply follower another account without permission, (as long as the account is not private). Facebook tends to be a place where people store their memories and sometimes private information for specific friends only and when the platform was created it only made sense to have two people become friends with one another’s approval. Yet, Twitter is more of an open book, people want followers, they want to be noticed and want to spread their content, which can again relate to the reason why there is a verification

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