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Compare and Contrast Two Different Ways to Lose Weight

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Compare-and-Contrast Essay E. Ashlea Griffith COM/155 August 24, 2013 Tiffany Tang Compare-and-Contrast Essay In the past thirty years obesity in children and teens have nearly tripled. More than one-third of adults and over 12.5 million children and teens are obese in the United States (Zinczenko, 2006). This is rather extreme, but there are ways to reduce these numbers. Two popular ways are; The Alli Diet which is a fad diet, and The Abs Diet, that is a diet and exercise program. According to Zinczenko (2006), Studies have shown that 80 percent of fad diets fail, and the weight will be gained back right after the diet has ended. The Alli Diet is a dietary supplement that is taken three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal that follows a strict diet. The Abs Diet is an exercise program where there are different options for everyone- whether it is at the gym or at home, with or without equipment. The Alli Diet may be what’s in style, but when considering the physical effects, nutritional value, and health benefits, The Abs Diet is healthier as a whole. The effects of both The Alli Diet and The Abs Diet can be physically life changing. The Alli pill is designed to be taken with a reduced- calorie, low-fat meal containing 15-30 percent fat depending on each phase and stops the body from absorbing about 25% of the fats that is consumed. The Alli Diet is meant for short-term use only, most people start to regain weight when the pill is stopped and is not meant to have a long term effect. On the other hand, The Abs Diet is a more of a change in life style rather than a diet. The Abs Diet is designed to grow with the body as it starts to adapt to each work-out. Zinczenko (2006) stated “Over time, we begin to lose the benefits of even the best workout program,…...

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