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Option 1: Discuss the similarities and differences between the two stories. As I had read the two stories, both of them have the similarities and the differences. Both stories started out completely opposite in relationship The narrators in both stories suffer from issues due to a lack of communication. Their environments were making their relationship hard to maintain such as the car from the street make Karla Suarez feel lonely and the life surround aurora make they hard to meet each other due to the author says they only meet two to four times a month. Both stories are similarities and differences. First I want to talk about the of the similarities both stories are talking about love. Both the narrators suffer through some issues. all his life he have been a criminal and they are abuse each other verbally and physically like Aurora break everything the author own, yell at him like it might change something, slam the door on my fingers (Diaz page 52). But then they have happy endings he says "but right then, in that apartment, we seem like we were normal folks. Like maybe everything was fine." (Diaz, page 65) he could feel peace in the apartment with Aurora like a normal couples. In Karla Suarez of "Eye of the Night" The narrator said "I didn't need him any longer, so I could close my eyes and, smile, and sleep." (Suarez, page 14) from At the end of the story she was free from Jorge, who was only used her for sex. This the happy ending in the stories because she does not feel like a puppet anymore. And Suarez said "One night the miracle happened. My neighbor switched on the light, followed by a new woman. She came in, tossed her purse down and walked around the room looking at everything, making comments that didn't reach my ears." . Thanks to her neighbor that she does not have to suffer anymore. I think her surrounding also...

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