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Lets Go to the Movies: Crime is big on the silver screen and the tube as well. Here you need to choose two criminal justice –related movies, which you have seen to compare and contrast them both:

In this essay I will compare the similarities and contrast the differences between two crime film openings. I will be comparing The Next Three Days' and 'The Hurricane'. I will analyze the two film openings and see how they establish their own crime film genre. Genre is a way of categorizing a film. From genre, producers are able to market their films to a target audience. With some films it is difficult to categorize them as a certain genre as they may contain more than one genre. A hybrid genre is a film, which contains more than one genre. An example of a hybrid genre is 'All about the Benjamin’s' the genres in this film are comedy, romance, crime and also drama. Most films nowadays are hybrid genre as they appeal to a larger audience. These films contain both genre of drama, romance, crime, suspense, and “wrongly accusations”.

A glimpse of each movie:
(1) The Next Three Days: This movie stars “just to name a few” Russell Crowe as John Brennan, Elizabeth Banks as Lara Brennan, Brian Dennehy as George Brennan, and Lennie James as Lieutenant Nabulsi. This movie is about a women by the name of Lara Brennan (Banks) which is convicted of murdering her boss after an altercation at work and after a trial is sentenced to life in prison. Following the failure of her appeal, Lara's
husband John Brennan (Crowe), a professor at a community college, becomes obsessed with the idea of breaking her out of jail, while their son Luke ceases to acknowledge her during their prison visits. John consults Damon Pennington (Neeson), a former convict who successfully escaped from prison seven times. Damon advises John…...