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Compare Egyptian Love Poem and Clasical Chinese Poem

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I have to start by saying the interpretation by the interpreters is amazing. How they can depict what the writers (drawers) (pictograghers) were intending to say in such detail is really genius. I say this because if I drew a picture there is no way I would be able to tell the same story or tell you what I meant when I was over and done, let alone you tell me. The artistry that the (pictograghers) possessed is also amazing and genius. The brilliance they possessed, yet at the same time the stupidity they possessed is something indescribable by me. I say the stupidity they possessed because in those days the punishments passed and the reasoning for determining guilt was/is insulting to the brilliance of mankind.

I don't really have a favorite poem, but if I had to choose one, it would be "I wish I were a Nubian girl." I say that because of the way he described his desires and the mistress. He was intuned to how the Nubian girl and the mistress interacted. However, if he were the Nubian girl I dont believe he would be as enthusiastic because then he would be a girl and the scene itself would feel inappropriate. If he were to ask the Nubian girl how she felt about being that, she may have a difference of opinion. Having to bathe the mistress, having to cater to the mistress, having to feed the mistress, having to clothe the mistress without having the choice of doing so may not be as pleasant as it seems. And if she did enjoy it would that mean she was a man in a previous life only to have come back as a Nubian girl to acheive the purpose he had in mind? Who knows... Anyhow, the poem shows that even though the men showed the greatest of respect for women, in secret they kept a dirty mind.

I wish I were her Nubian girl” is actually pretty disturbing. Basically, this short poem is about the poet wanting to be the slave of his beloved (when the...

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