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Compare the Similarities and Differences in Using the 1st Person Narrative Approach in ‘the Lammas Hireling’ and ‘the Deliverer’.

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ompare the similarities and differences in using the 1st person narrative approach in ‘The Lammas Hireling’ and ‘The Deliverer’.
In your answer you should consider the following:
• The poets’ development of themes
• The poets’ use of language and imagery
• The use of other poetic techniques.
Both Duhig and Doshi explore the use of a first person narrative in ‘The Lammas Hireling’, and ‘The Deliverer’. This exploration of the narrative technique has allowed both poets to develop ongoing personal themes, each accompanying a sense of sadness and moral injustice.
In ‘The Deliverer’, the poet takes advantage of the first person point of view, as it serves to develop ongoing themes of infanticide in Indian Society. This technique of first person is ultimately very largely effective, as its direct approach generally heightens the emotion the reader experiences for the sensitive topic, as there is in fact no hiding or concealing the bitter truth, especially when it is written out in the direct form of a narrative passage.
However, the way in which Doshi presents these views through the first person Narrative, is quite unconventional. Through the use of making the ‘Deliverer’s’ daughter the voice, the audience is able to view the tragic events from the eyes of someone who has personally been a witness. This in itself draws similarities with the way in which Duhig presents his narrator’s own personal story of life on a rural farm. He uses the first person narrative to tell the ambiguous story of how as a farmer, he came to hire a young man to help with the tending of his cows- and subsequently faced many dark psychological problems along the way. Therefore, it is apparent that both of the poets express their intense themes and ideas through the use of a first person narrator, which allows for a much more emotional and psychological side of the themes to be explored- as...

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