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Michael Dell vs Andy Grove
Michael Dell was the founder of a computer company. He came across as an intrapersonal business man. He based his company’s foundation on pleasing the customer; giving the customer what they want. His goal was to build and run a company that was people oriented and allowed everyone involved to have a voice in the process. The importance of being a good listener can take you far. Andy Grove was the founder of a computer chip manufacturing company. His business philosophy was to either sink or swim and nothing in between. He felt that because he had the best product that there wasn’t a need to worry about the competition, look into bettering the product, or even thinking about the future of the market and appealing to the consumer’s wants. It took time, but he did grasp the concept wrong strategy and poor execution will lead to failure. One should look to the past to predict the future of the market and what appeals to the customers. Always be willing to make changes to your product and even the little man can have a good ideas. Ultimately, listening is the key concept for the two businessmen.
The manufacturing of the Olympic without knowing if that’s what the customer really wanted, didn’t give the results they were expecting. Bulk packaging a product might not be the best choice; what’s good for one may not be good for the other. I didn’t see much resistance for this CEO because of the way he went about doing business. There was the time when a competitor accused him of creating a price war because they lowered the price on their systems, but the rationales was that if the company is doing well, and then why not pass along the perks to the consumer. This makes the consumer willing to spend and then the company and the customer is on the receiving end. When the economy is not doing so hot, make the product affordable, offer

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