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Comparing Antigone And Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Today people lead busy lives and often forget about the importance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Put simply, Maslow’s pyramid is the ability of people to accept themselves, their surroundings, and to think of things on a higher level. From the beginning of man’s existence to the current day human, we have changed dramatically. People often get swept up in their jobs and families but their basic needs are important. This can also be seen in current novels where people run around so much but they forget to sit down and think. In Antigone and Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun few people are able to get past their mental barriers yet three people persist. Antigone, Beneatha, and Asagai all have this ability to balance their busy worlds and their mental needs.
Antigone, a play by sophocles is set in Greece after the War on Thebes. Two brothers of the heir were killed in battle. One believed to be a savior …show more content…
Antigone, the girl who started it all, clearly shows the ability to think clearer than her peers. She understands the effects of family and knows that if she doesn’t care for her deceased brothers then she will feel the effects of their deaths for the rest of her life. She doesn’t necessarily bury her brother because she wants to break Creon’s rule, but, she rather wants to grieve for her brothers. Her ability to look past what is told and her ability to make her dreams reality shows that she is a strong willed soul with the intent to do well. She has all the characteristics that Maslow required to be complete. She has achieved Physiological needs, safety, obtained love and belonging, built up esteem, and finally, she has reached a new level of self-actualization unknown to her peers around her. She has the ability to look through the mud as if it is clear water. She can cut through the smog and see her surrounds in a new light unknown to even people in the twenty first

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