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Comparing Apples and Orange

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Apples and Oranges

Many of us have heard the saying, "That's like comparing apples and oranges." There is some truth to that statement. After looking at similarities and differences are not all that different of a fruit. Apples and oranges have a plethora of things in common as well as many things that differ.
Apples and oranges have a great many things in common with each other. They both have the same approximate size and weight. Often both are used in juggling acts as well as used to take up space at the bottom of a Christmas stocking to make to sock look fuller of unhealthy items. In comparison they both have healthy benefits. The orange has lots of vitamins as well as the apple, although the apple does not get as much fan fair for the vitamins it does have.
They have been used in the kitchen for everything from ice cream making to pie and pudding toppings and fillings. The cooking utility of these fruits are amazing, a chief can use both in a myriad of dessert dishes as well as used in the main course for added sweetening affects. They are often turned into juices and are a stable at the breakfast table. Both are considered to be a great basis off which many sauces and juice are made from: they often flavor other objects such as soda or chewing gum.
Each of these delicious fruits is grown in large orchards; each orchard is planted and harvested within the same time frame. These crops are owned by a few large companies and leased out to small farming groups, so the large food company does not have to farm the land them selves.
While these similarities between apples and oranges are many in number, there is also a vast quantity of differences to explore. These fruits are as similar as they are different.
While the apple is crisp and light tasting, the orange is composed of small individual pockets of what seems to be a large taste. An orange has more of a...

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