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Comparing Articles to Movies

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Annisha Lear
October 13, 2012

Walt Disney has been getting a lot of feedback about his movies. They were not negative but some would say he changed them and took away from the original fairytale. “Walt Disney 2” by Maurice Sendak and Disney Revisited or Jimmy Cricket it’s musty down here by Betsy Hearne are two articles that criticized Disney movies. Disney makes things more childlike, he gives us chase between characters and inspires children’s imaginations and dreams which will be compared in both readings to the movie The Princess and The Frog. Disney makes his movies more childlike by giving children hope and something to believe in. Some may say that his movies take away from the original fairytale but Maurice Sendak believes that is a good thing. “Disney has often been condemned for corrupting the classics, and he has, to be sure, occasionally slipped in matters of taste and absolute fidelity to the original. But he has never corrupted” (Sendak 112). Therefore it is not that Disney corrupts the original plot he just makes it more child friendly. In his article Walt Disney 2 Sendak talks about his own experience with the fairytale Pinocchio. He says the Walt Disney storyline was better than the original. The original version Pinocchio had a bad personality however in Disney’s version instead of him doing bad things Disney used the fairy as an excuse for him being bad. This shows that Disney didn’t corrupt it he just shows why Pinocchio was doing bad. Fairytales should be more childlike because kids will enjoy and understand it. For example the difference between The Frog King and The Princess and The Frog in The Frog King the girl was forced to do things it wasn’t until she threw the frog against the wall that he became human and in The Princess and The Frog although she objected at first Tiana kissed the frog to help him become human again. In...

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