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Comparing Atul Gawande 'Letting Go And Hellhole'

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Atul Gawande, the American surgeon and writer has gained a respectable reputation for becoming an effective writer in many different ways. Gawande is exceptional at using multiple genres of writing to advance more complex purposes to his writing. Atul Gawande commonly uses narratives and informative data/research to expound on his greater persuasive purpose. Two of Gawande’s works that present a good example of his skillful use of the narrative and informative modes are “Letting Go” and “Hellhole”. Both “Letting Go” and “Hellhole”, by Atul Gawande, are complete works of literature that consist of minor topics that build up to a major hidden meaning. By using the minor topics of discussion, Gawande seems to relate and point to the more major meaning of the essay which is not as tangible as the minor topics. In “Letting Go”, Atul Gawande brings discussion to the end of life and the difficulties doctors, families, friends, and sick individuals have understanding and grasping certain death. Gawande starts of the essay …show more content…
We are presented to the topic of torture of hostages in foreign countries over several years. Gawande introduces us to the story of the journalist, Terry Anderson, who was held hostage in solitary confinement in Lebanon. But the narratives of these hostages aren’t limited to Anderson, however. We are introduced to the stories of Reed, and even United States Senator John McCain. Each narrative presents informative information to explain the consequences of solitary confinement, and allows first hand experience to describe what exactly goes on during this scenario. This grouping of narrative and informative works about hostages quickly brings readers’ reasoning to wondering about other places where solitary confinement is, thus expanding on the greater

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