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Comparing Microsoft and Vmware Solutions for Virtual Solutions

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NT1210 Module 5 - Essay
Comparing Microsoft and VMware Solutions for Virtual Computing
Team # 4
Instructor Ms. Jones
February 12, 2015

Virtual computing is becoming more and more of a useful tool in the IT world. Two virtual computing solutions that are useful are Microsoft and VMware. This essay will give a comparison of the two along with some helpful information. Depending on what you want to do with virtualization; this document may assist you in determining which solution to use. The VMware product was created in 1999 and is considered a mature product. Using VMware has many more features compared to its competitor, Microsoft. VMware uses more than thirteen hundred technologies partners and has a mass amount of storage. It is more complex and difficult to configure compared to Microsoft Virtual PC.
VMware has been around longer compared to Virtual PC and has better reliability. This product has several benchmarking software that has proven itself when it comes to performance. Microsoft came out with their version 4 years after VMware was produced; which is called Virtual PC. They have created multiple versions to keep up with their competitor (Davis, 2009) (Dix, 2010).

Comparison List VMware MS Virtual PC | Pros | Cons | Pros | Cons | User Friendly | | x | x | | Cost | | x | x | | Features | x | | | x | Performance | x | | | x | Design | | | | | Supports Linux | x | | x | | Product Documentation | x | | | x | Snapshot Manager | x | | | x | USB Support Beyond Mouse and Keyboard | x | | | x |

When choosing between VMware and MS Virtual PC, it’s still your choice which one to use depending on your needs and what you would be using the product for. VMware is still the top used virtual machine player that beats MS Virtual PC. Microsoft is still trying to match their competitors’ products. As the authors of this essay; we recommend VMware over any other virtual machine player.

Davis, D. (2009). VMware or Virtual PC – Which Product is Right For You? Petri IT Knowledgebase. Retrieved from
Dix, J. (Aug. 2010). Who has the better virtualization platform – VMware or Microsoft? Network World. Retrieved from

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