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Comparing Monuments

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Comparing Monuments
A monument is a statue of famous or notable persons, building or a place that is made to keep alive the memory of people or events. Florida Capital building is a monument that has a rich history which began in 1824 with the creation of Tallahassee as the new capital city. The Integration Statue at Florida State University is celebrated for playing attribute to young men and women who contributed in making FSU rich in diversity.
The Historical Capitol is located in Tallahassee in Florida capital city, at the intersection of Apalachee Parkway. And the Integration Statue at Florida State University is it located on the oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida. The visual elements that are found in the Historical Capitol are the 22 floors and a height of 345 feet. While the Integration Statue at Florida State University is a three figured statue of people standing and is approximately nine feet tall.
The Historical Capitol building has encouraged people to come because it contains a museum, which is always open to the public and has a great historical background. Nevertheless, the Statue at Florida State University encourages people from different background and country to join the university, because as elaborated it symbolizes social unity. Grandeur and permanence are coined when a material like a rock is used in a sculpture or building. This is because the rock is strong and elegant; on the other hand, it is smooth as glass in some places and also rough. Another thing that contributes to a building or sculpture permanence is that it is too heavy to be carried around and strong.
The difference between the Integration Statue at Florida State University consists of images of people on a circular brick pedestal and is established on the idea of beauty, bats and books. While the Historical Capitol is an ancient site which contains a gallery exhibition artwork done by most Florida conspicuous artists. Granite is a rock that is used to make the integration statue and the old Historical Capitol on the lawn are two pillars made of marble.
The two monuments, Historical Capitol and Integration Statue at Florida State University are located in the same geographical location. Each monument should be in its particular location because they play a great role in their located areas. The frozen sculpture at FSU is to symbolize unity among students and teachers. The Historical Capitol symbolizes the growth and development of Florida. Historical Capitol marks specific events for the memorial of the Florida Fraternal Order of Police Law Enforcement. The memorial was dedicated in 2000 and it contains the names of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. And the Integration Statue permitted Assimilation honors three African American students who directed the integration of Florida State. This improves social relationships between students from different backgrounds to show equality.
Monuments enable people to keep memories of the citizens who played a big role in the surrounding community. We learn a lot of the historical monuments like the Integration Statue at Florida State University educate people on the importance of education no matter your gender or culture. The Historical Capital plays a big role in inhaling sculptures of different leaders who played a big part in the history of Florida. With this, history will never be lost even in the future generation.

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