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Comparing Smartphones

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Case: Comparing Smartphones

The two attributes that I find most important in a smartphone are the CPU speed and the internal storage. I believe CPU speed is highly important for a smartphone because that is how fast it will function. The CPU speed is basically the brains in electronics and allows programs to run and operate. Having a fast phone will allow you to carry out your tasks in a timely manner and be able to look up things without crashing. The internal storage is important in a smartphone because it will allow a person to have a lot of data on their phone. It will allow a person to have many files, photos, and videos that all can be stored right on their phone.

The iPhone 5 ranks the lowest, according to the selected attributes for smartphones. It is the most expensive and in every attribute is the lowest except one attribute which is the weight, so it is the lightest smartphone. It is the most expensive at $649 in comparison to the other smartphones being priced ranging from $449 to $579. That makes the iPhone 5 about $100 more expensive, yet it is basically the lowest ranked with respect to the selected attributes. In some attributes like CPU speed and the megapixels of the camera it is close to the other phones listed.

According to the table given with attributes of smartphones I believe that iPhone 5 is not well positioned compared to the competitors. The iPhone 5 is the lowest ranking in every category listed except for the weight of the phone itself. The other competitors have better numbers and they are all listed at a cheaper price. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Sony Xperia ZL are the top ranking in the positioning map. iPhone 5 should be worried about these competitors because they have better functioning skills and have higher attributes including have a lower price.

There needs to be more information other than the...

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