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Website design comparison
Walmart and Target websites

Factor 1: Speed
Speed matters when it comes to the quality of a website. It is the rate at which a website loads fast enough for customers to perform their transactions. It keeps users happy and engaged by providing a fast performing website.
Using to analyze these two websites, both website loads at equal pace. Target also surpasses Walmart in request counts, page Sizes and page load times. In summary, the Target website is better than Home Depot when compared by speed.

Factor 2: Appealing design
Simply having a website is not enough and another important factor in building traffic to your website is the appearance of your website. I find the Walmart website more appealing than Target. The use of pictures to denote different departmental categories and the layout design makes Walmart website more attractive. Although, both website had their sale items displayed in pictures, Walmart has pictures to denote both regular and sale items. Walmart uses a color that makes user’s experience more fascinating than that of Target. Navigation on the Walmart website is easier with these aforementioned factors when compared to the Target website. Factor 3: Audience Overview
When comparing both Walmart and Target websites, both websites are ranked 7/10 by Google but Alexa ranking puts the Walmart website ahead of Target. In my further analysis, more users visit the Walmart website. The traffic on the Walmart website is more than twice as much as Target’s in the last six month of 2013. Average page views, times on site and daily visit signifies that the Walmart engages more audience than Target. Globally, according to, Walmart is ranked # 88 while Target ranks 189. In the U.S.A, Walmart ranks 27 while Target ranks 63.

Google PageRank: 7 / 10
Google PageRank: 7 / 10
Alexa Ranking: 242
Alexa Ranking: 141
Site Geolocation: United States
Site Geolocation: United States
Document Body: 4.46KB of 125.42KB (3.56%)
Document Body: 10.47KB of 149.09KB (7.02%) Conclusion:
Even though the Target website performs better in the area of speed, it does not attract traffic than Walmart. Looking at the statistics from, my assertion about the “appealing factor” goes a long way in showing the factors responsible for the popularity of Walmart over Target. The more traffic, visits, impression rates, the more the success of the website. In conclusion, Walmart’s website is better than Target’s

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