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There has always been debate about how much influence television has on a person’s mind, so in a recent research article titled “Constructing Gender Stereotypes Through Social Roles in Prime-Time Television,” written by Martha M. Lauzen, David M. Dozier, and Nora Horan, the three authors explore male and female roles on popular television shows on major broadcasting networks for the purpose of determining statistically whether or not normal male and female stereotypes are conveyed in prime-time television. Throughout this article, the authors make an argument they think is important, but in all reality, most readers would not find this information important enough to hold their full attention due to the complicated wording, biased examples, and the very repetitive information. The authors begin the article with a brief abstract which summarizes what it is the readers can expect from their article. The article is broken down into sections which separate the different topics that the authors are discussing. On the top of page 203 in the article, the authors clearly state, “Building on this previous research, the current study examines whether female and male characters continue to inhabit traditionally sex-typed roles. Such analysis is important in light of the fact that popular press accounts regularly boast about the rapid evolution of the portrayals of gender in prime-time” (Lauzen, Dozier, Horan p.203). When constructing their research, the authors used a variety of different sources to attempt to make their point clear to the reader including past and more current studies. The sources include many female writers who explain how their field is dominated by males, and these firsthand sources give the reader confidence in the message the authors are trying to present. Toward the end of the article, they use their own method to calculate the stereotypes in the 124...

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