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Comparion of Roosevelt and Hilter

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Perhaps two of the most influential people in their countries at the time, Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were practically opposites. Hilter came from a poor background whereas Roosevelt came from a fairly well off family. They did however, share many commonalities. Their rises to power were for the most part, based on their abilities to effectively communicate their messages to the masses. Born to a minor customs official and a peasant girl, Hitler never completed high school. When he applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he was rejected due to his lack of talent. He served in the Bavarian army during the First World War, and proved himself to be a dedicated, courageous soldier. Ironically, he was never promoted beyond Private First Class because his superiors thought him lacking in leadership qualities. Hitler joined the nationalist German Workers' party which was later renamed the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) party and in November 1923 he lead an uprising against the postwar Weimar Republic. However, his plan collapse as a result of his lack of military support. He was served 8 months in jail and in December of 1924, he began to rebuild his party again. When the Great Depression struck in 1929, his explanation of it as a Jewish-Communist plot was accepted by many Germans. Promising a strong Germany, jobs, and national glory, he attracted millions of voters. Nazi representation in the Reichstag (parliament) rose from 12 seats in 1928 to 107 in 1930. It was then that he made his grab for power. Using the propaganda about Communism that he had spread, he arrested his political enemies and due to process of elimination, he became the ruler of Germany.

An antithesis of Hitler, Roosevelt was born to James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt. His family was not rich, however, they lead a comfortable, gracious...

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