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Comparision of Marketting Strategy of Reliance Communication and Tata Indicom

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Research Methodology
PART 3 Research Design & Plan
M S Sridhar Head, Library & Documentation ISRO Satellite Centre Bangalore 560017
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Research Design & Plan
Synopsis 1. Introduction to Research &
Research methodology 2. Selection and formulation of research problem 3. Research design and plan 4. Experimental designs 5. Sampling and sampling strategy or plan 6. Measurement and scaling techniques 7. Data collection methods and techniques 8. Testing of hypotheses 9. Statistical techniques for processing & analysis of data 10. Analysis, interpretation and drawing inferences 11. Report writing
M S Sridhar, ISRO

1. Significance of research design 2. Meaning & process of design / plan 3. Writing the plan (protocol) 4. Contents of the plan (protocol) 5. Qualities of good research design 6. Choice of research topic, method/ approach and methods of data collection 7. Types of research design 8. Comparison of research designs 9. Action & Applied Research 10. Correlational, Ex post facto, Ethnogenic & Triangulation Studies

Research Methodology 3

Significance of Research Design
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Smooth & efficient sailing (sets boundaries & prevents blind search) Yields maximum information (avoids collection of unnecessary data) Costs least in terms of effort, time & money Maximizes reliability of results Provides firm foundation to the endeavor Averts misleading conclusions & thoughtless futile exercise Helps organising ones ideas Gives chance to foresee flaws & inadequacies (anticipates problems) Incorporates by learning from others critical comments & evaluations Like a successful journey,
Broadens your mind Gives fascinating & exciting experience Gives insight into world around you Provides opportunity to meet people Gives fun and reward, but at times, very tedious & monotonous too...

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