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Comparison and Contrast Drinking Articles

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Comparison and Contrast:
“Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” and “The Battle of the Binge”

“Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” and “The Battle of the Binge” are both two unique pieces of writing that dig deep into the aspects of consuming alcohol, and drinking too much of it, referred to as “binge drinking.” They acknowledge the fact that drinking alcohol itself in proper moderation is not bad, but the abuse of alcohol is. “Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” is similar to “The Battle of the Binge” by pinpointing drinking in college specifically, and stressing the problems related to binge drinking and how the change is going to be difficult; however, “Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” is different from “The Battle of the Binge” by the using logos more predominantly throughout the entirety of the essay and placing less emphasis on personal experience than “The Battle of the Binge.” Both essays are similar to each other because they both focus on students drinking while in college, rather than in a different stage of life. They explain that there is a consistent and problematic rise of binge drinking in universities. In “Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse,” it is stated that “colleges have a serious problem with alcohol abuse among students, and it is not getting any better” and a survey by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching found that “college presidents viewed alcohol abuse as their top campus-life problem” (Wechsler 336). “The Battle of the Binge” begins with the author explaining that he discovered drinking and learned to drink while in college, and goes on to elucidate how over time more and more students are beginning to binge drink while they are in college, the prime time of life where students are no longer attached to their parents and...

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