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Comparison and Contrast of Management Styles

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A comparison and contrast of four organizational models

This paper is a comparison and contrast of four organizational models. The Four models of organizations are autocratic, paternalistic, supportive and collegial. I will refer to the aforementioned models as Models I through IV respectively.
In an autocratic style of model, the superiors do not take into consideration the ideas and suggestions of the subordinates. The managers, leaders and superiors have the sole responsibility of making decisions without bothering much about the subordinates. The employees are totally dependent on their bosses and do not have the liberty to make decisions on their own. The subordinates in such a style of working simply adhere to the guidelines and policies formulated by their bosses. They do not have a say in management’s decisions. Whatever the superiors feel is right for the organization eventually becomes the company’s policies. Employees lack motivation in autocratic style of working.
In a paternalistic style of model, the leaders decide what is best for the employees as well as the organization. Policies are devised to benefit the employees and the organization. The suggestions and feedback of the subordinates are taken into consideration before deciding something. In such a style of working, employees feel attached and loyal towards their organization. Employees stay motivated and enjoy their work rather than treating it as a burden.

Each model will be describe the framework that organized behavior commonly follows. The autocratic framework works based on a leader or team of leaders that instructs the rest of the people or employees to follow a specific set of rules. The employees follow the leader to survive within the framework. The custodial model operates on economic resources; managers employ a custodial model to motivate a group of workers to work toward...

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