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Comparison Between Pnb & Sbi

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A dissertation submitted to Department of Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (HONS.)

Submitted by: KOMAL MARWAHA 7020070003

Supervisor: Miss Monika Kanali (lect,lpu)



This is to certify that the project report titled “Comparative study of home loans of PNB and SBI” carried out by Miss KOMAL MARWAHA, D/o RAJESH

MARWAHA has been accomplished under my guidance & supervision as a duly registered BBA(Hons) student of the Department of Management, Lovely

Professional University, Phagwara. This project is being submitted by him/her in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the BBA(Hons) from Lovely Professional University. Her dissertation represents her original work and is worthy of consideration for the award of the degree of BBA(Hons)

___________________________________ (Name & Signature of the Faculty Advisor) Title: ______________________________ Dare: ______________________________



I KOMAL MARWAHA, hereby declare that the work presented herein is genuine work done originally by me and has not been published or submitted elsewhere for the requirement of a degree programme. Any literature, data or works done by others and cited within this dissertation has been given due acknowledgement and listed in the reference section.

_______________________ (Student's name & Signature) _______________________ (Registration No.) Date:__________________



First of all my sincere gratitude goes to my academic supervisor Miss Monika Kanali, lecture, lovely professional university,phagwara,who helpd andguided me for this work. Her conversation and encouragement will always be...

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