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Comparison in Baby Food

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Baby foods are basically depleted through all shopping places for example in supermarkets, grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and some of direct marketing. Opportunities: The demand in baby food industry in constant. Except United States, there are great opportunities in international markets like European, Asian, and South American. Especially in countries with a higher income and bigger population. Threats: The demanding birth rate in recent years and the declined consumption of baby food per capita grant to a decrease of domestic volume sales. The overall baby food industry decreased about 7% in 1997 fiscal year. Baby food industry is facing an increasing requirement for quality products and innovation. There are several ministry regulations for the standards of pesticide and other ingredients. Buyers tend to be very diplomatic to suitable feeding nutrition and other concepts such as sugar, salt, modified food starches, etc. Gerber’s extensive consumer research shows that a growing number of parents prefer baby foods without added starches and sugar. By competition being compared to other similar foods, baby foods higher priced. Pricing and promotion are very important methods employed by firms in this specific industry.

For example, the companies Gerber and Beech – Nut all have an aggressive expenditure in promotion movement. Due to the aging of birth percentage and at the same time comprehensive international opportunities, the tournament in this industry is becoming progressively intense. Gerber controls the industry for proportionate decades with a market share of about 70% presently in time. Breech – Nut is the second largest manufacture which is taking about 15%. Also many other companies for example like H.J. Heinz took the rest of the 5%.

My family has friends that have a six month old girl that eats baby food constantly. Her parents told me that she has tried both of the companies Gerber and Beech – Nut. They said that their baby likes the taste of Gerber’s apple sauce rather than Beech – Nut’s apple sauce. I found out that Gerber and Beech – Nut both make their food very pleasing for the babies to enjoy the food which is great because one time I saw the mother feeding the child Gerber and the baby never spit the food out. The ingredients in the baby food of both companies are organic from fruits and vegetables which is giving the baby nutrients from the food. I order for the baby food to be made perfect with all of the nutrients, the companies put a little bit of protein and dairy so that the baby eats all of its needs. Well the father of the girl has told me that when she was much younger, they gave her baby formula from both Gerber and Beech – Nut. He has also said that Gerber’s baby formula was the best for their child because the ingredients have a blend of antioxidant vitamins like vitamin c, e, Zinc, and vitamin a for natural immune system support like there is in breast milk. Well also the company Beech – Nut is healthy because they make the baby food in a homemade style which is nice to hear from the child’s parents who also fed her that type of company. Overall, they said that their baby mostly enjoyed Gerber baby food. Well, I think that babies also like Gerber more than other baby food companies because the flavor of the food is probably more naturally made without added sugars and starches. Meanwhile, Beech – Nut also makes their food naturally but, maybe the babies like a certain type of company or flavor. So it is always good for the parents of the child to buy a few brands of baby food and see which one their child likes the most.

Lastly, both of these baby food companies are great in nutritional environments. They will probably stay in the top two best baby food companies because they are especially organic and by adding a boost of vitamins, the babies will feel great healthy wise. Overall, I think that the comparison between these two baby food companies is interesting because both are very healthy for the child and the parents are happy to feed their baby organic foods. I learned from this comparison between both of these baby food companies that the most important ingredients in baby food are the vitamins that they get because it will be helpful in their growing stages and when they are also starting to crawl.

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