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Comparison Of Powers And Federal Separation Of Power

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Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de le Brede et de Montesquieu, was a 18th century political philosopher who first used the term trias politica or separation of powers (Erickson). For the division of government duties, it is separated into three separate but equal branches. The characterizations of each are; the legislative branch in which it is in charge of enacting laws of the state and distributing money to operate the government efficiently, the executive branch that executes and oversees public policy that the legislative branch has authorized or financed, and the judicial branch that is in charge of interpreting the Constitution and laws with then taking the understandings to disagreements brought before it (Erickson).
The separation of powers is a pillar of the United States government with all state and federal governments center around the standard of it. Although federal separation of power is not the same as state, as one instance state courts have acknowledged fundamental
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The lifeblood of each is what makes each branch work without competition for control. When a power assigned to a certain branch, the others cannot participate without constitutional providing it to do so. In all the separation of powers, and the branches having have common characteristics of power in some areas, this is to ensure that a strong system of checks and balances is in place. Since the executive and federal branches have enlarged their powers past the Founders’ anticipations, they have done so to maintain with modern times. Checks and balances permits and encourages tension and disagreement among the branches and also can be helpful sometimes, “ and our Constitution smiles upon it” (Documents of

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