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Comparison of Privacy Laws

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Data protection and privacy ethical guidelines

This document was produced on September the 18th 2009
The version of this document is: 5

Experts Working Group on data protection and privacy
Chaired by: Caroline Gans-Combe

Special thanks to the Panel Members: Andrew Bottomley, Duarte Carvalho-Oliveira, Costas A. Charitidis, Eva Del Hoyo-Barbolla, Anne Demoisy, Anna Giovanetti, Walter Hannak, James Houghton, David Morton, François Moutou , Jane Lamprill, Antony Lebeau, David Townend, and Mary Sharp. - Very special thanks to the Ethics Team : Isidoros Karatzas, Mihalis Kritikos, Yamina Cheikh, Paulette Matkovic Ramirez, Marie Cocquyt, Marco Michelini, Stefan de Vos and François Hirsch

General disclaimer: this document examines the major concepts of data protection and privacy from the point of view of research ethics. It aims at raising awareness about these concepts in the scientific community and at assisting applicants while preparing to submit their project proposals. It does not seek to discuss these concepts in-depth but provides a general overview of their main parameters and some basic suggestions regarding their handling for the purposes of the European Commission's Ethical Review procedure. This document represents an effort to reflect on the experience gained during the operation of the Ethics Review mechanism and to provide some practical guidance, thus it will be regularly updated.

The document contains three sections:

→ 1. The first section consists of an awareness list which contains the main questions that need to be taken into account by applicants when dealing with the data protection and privacy aspects of their project - All relevant definitions are provided within the glossary below

→2. The second section provides applicants with practical guidance for the identification of the privacy and data...

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