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Comparison of Recruitment Process from Management Point of View

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In the business world of different sectors (be it government or non-government) recruitment is inevitable as every step in this sphere depends on selection of effective work-force.
Employees as well as higher executives need to be selected through tests/interviews to find a right match with the smooth operation and accomplishment of the organizational goals and objectives. Functions relating to administering the business including recruitment and termination of employees cannot be attained without proper management of human resource.

1.1 Origin of the Paper
In today’s world, the ability to apply what we learn in a class-room environment to our everyday life is extremely important. “Managing Organization” – course article F-505, is a practical-oriented course. For this I am told by my course instructor to make a Term-Paper on the managing organizations. Therefore I have selected “Comparison between the process of acquiring Human Resource (recruitment) in a Government Organization and in an GO, from a Management perspective” as my subject of the term-paper . I also have selected and visited two organizations and collected some available information. The organizations are:


Government Project – Emergency Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project –
ECRRP with Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit – PCMU) funded by the
World Bank.
Non-government organisation (NGO) – Association for Social Advancement (ASA) – self-financed organization since 2001.

1.2 Objective of the Paper
I have prepared this paper for drawing a comparison of the Recruitment process between the theoretical and practical aspects of letter-structures in recruitment communication. Other objectives of the report are as follows:
a. Gathering practical knowledge about recruitment process.
b. Identifying the difference in selection methods of recruitment process.
c. Analyzing…...

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