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Comparison of the Characters in Clown Punk and Give

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Comparison of Characters All three poems have powerful characters all three portraying raw and strong emotions, towards the reader signifying similar emotions and purpose being displayed. When analysed carefully, you can notice a lot of identical techniques used by the different poets.
For example all three use some type of form of rhyme, half-rhymes or even rhyming couplets, this works especially well in ‘Hunchback’ for example ‘rockery […] hunchbacked in mockery’ this emphasis the point of how the character is being treated as a sham without the utter respect given; which happens to be the same sort of disrespectful and mimicry semantic field towards the other two poems as well for example in the ‘Clown punk’ ‘His dyed brain […] and let it rain’ the technique of using rhyming couplets at the very gives a more memorable and impaction ending, this give the reader a dramatic finish to reflect upon. As well there is the rhyming couplet at the very end of ‘Give’ ‘That’s big of you […] I beg of you’ this is also similar to the ending of the ‘clown punk’ but it also contains a sort of sarcastic reaction from the voice ending it on a dreary note. The tones on all poems are a similar type: bleak, monotonous and oppressive, but each carrying a different meaning, teaching and moral to the reader. The tonality of ‘The hunchback’ gives off something that sadly happens every day… The poem shows the brutality of everyday life that happens to be the truth. It displays a certain type of cruel and insulting poem focusing on one homeless man. ‘Laughing when he shook his paper Hunchback in mockery […] Dodging the park keeper’ this exactly shows the view of the children mocking the hunchback and treating him as he isn't a human being! But when they ‘dodge’ the park keeper this symbolizes the children know what they are doing wrong and chose to do it. To understand this point it has to go further than the quotation and look at the author Dylan Thomas’ past: he could only express his feelings through poetry, he dropped school at 16, became a junior news reporter as the poem voice is himself and describing the scene in his eyes. On the other hand ‘Give’ is similar moral, but the written style is diverse to the others. It involves more optimism and the value of life, ‘I've chosen here’ The ‘I’ve’ tells us that it is written in first person this builds more of a relation with the reader by addressing them. ‘It’s not as if I am holding out’ this gives a more of an optimistic and challenge that even though he is homeless he doesn't want to be treated differently. With the whole ‘For coppers […] For silvers […] For gold’ It rubs off the opinion that he wants to earn everything himself, that he doesn’t want to just sit there and do nothing. The poem is finished with a half rhyme ‘That’s big of you […] I beg if you’ This is showing that he Is giving off a sarcastic tone which brings me back to my first point it’s as if the voice doesn't want to be treated just because he’s homeless. Then there is the ‘Clown Punk’ which the voice displays a lot of judgemental language towards the ‘Punk’ as the author portrays the ‘Clown’ not as a normal entertaining ‘Clown’, but an idiotic and failure as he is known as. The ‘Town Clown’. The voice acts as almost a warning using the ‘Clown’s life as an example, ‘skin shot through with indelible ink’ it gives an impression of that something wrong has occurred in the punk’s life; as the tattoo ink symbolises that it will be permanently.
The persona are almost all the same each presenting as each author presents: each character being mocked by people, having a hard and judgemental life, as well as strong bullying involved. ‘Give’ and ‘Clown Punk’ are both addressing the reader directly; which creates a stronger relation with the reader, whereas the ‘Hunchback’ is portrayed in someone else’s point of view.

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