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Comparison of Unemployment Policies with Other Countries

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Comparison of Unemployment Policies with Other Countries (Their Effects and Results) Unemployment policies refers to those procedures that are put in place and are to be followed incase employed individuals loses their jobs. These kinds of policies are more common in developed countries and are meant to caution individuals from unexpected loss of their monthly income (Tanner 2003). The state may be directly involved in the administration of such policies or may authorize another organization to administer the policies. The benefits from unemployment policies depends on the country one resides and in most cases the policies are flexible implying that the benefits could only be covering the basic needs or may compensate the an individual proportionately according to previous monthly income. In Canada, the state has authorized services Canada which is under the supervision of minister of human development and social development Canada to administer the policy fund. The policy was previously known as unemployment insurance but was renamed to employment insurance in 2011 so as to eliminate the negative effect associated with the name. According to the insurance policy that is provided by the employment insurance an employee is required to pay premiums of 1.78% of the amount expected to be received in case they lose their jobs. The employer is also obliged to pay 140% of the amount contributed by employee towards the employee employment policy (Mendelson & Battle 2011). In the years preceding 1990 the government used to make some contributions on behalf of the employee but currently no such payments are made by the government on behalf f the employee. The insurance policy also covers compassionate care leaves, sickness leaves and parental and maternity leaves. It also caters for retraining programs in accordance with agreements in the labor markets in…...

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