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Comparison : the Reader, Book and Movie

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Comparison between 'The reader' – Book/Movie

Usually when it comes to books and movies books are a lot more detailed and descriptive towards characters and their feelings. Movies usually cut out important parts or aren't as deep as a book. In this case i felt that the movie was very much alike to the book and included all emotions and important scenes, what i really liked also was that the story line wasn't changed in the movie.

They emphasized really well Hanna and Michaels relationship in a way i thought wouldn't be possible. They managed to portray their relationship exactly how it was explained in the book, every detail came across to the viewers and also made it a lot easier to understand the book itself in ways one couldn't before seeing the movie. I thought they wouldn't emphasize the fact that Hanna was illiterate but they really made that come across well therefore the whole movie had better understanding as did the book. I do feel that the book was much slower with the reading between Michael and Hanna but in a way that was well done because then the movie would have become too slow and gotten a bit boring. It's different in the book because you expect that slowness but it was good that in the film they put together most of that in a few minutes, still emphasizing it.

The book made some scenes more intimate of course because its hard to get that across in a film. They portray feelings very well for example when Hanna dies that gets across very well especially in the end when Michael takes his daughter to the grave, it means a lot. One thing that i found that differs between the book and the film quite a lot is during the court scenes. I feel that in the book it was a lot more about the tension between Hanna and Michael and how distraught Michael is throughout the whole thing. Whereas, in the movie i felt that the court scenes were a lot more to do about Hanna's trial and not so much how the book made it come across.

On a whole the book and the movie are very similar and the movie was extremely well directed and picked up the important parts. Of course not everything was mirror similar but it got the messages across and made it actually easier to understand confusing parts in the book, especially so many emotions it made it easier to see them acted out.

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