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EXISTING PROVISIONS | PROPOSED PROVISION | RATIONALE | * Section 4. Qualifications of the Chairperson and Members of the Board. - The Chairperson and Members of the Board shall, at the time of their appointment, possess the following qualifications:(c) Be a registered nurse and holder of a master's degree in nursing, education or other allied medical profession conferred by a college or university duly recognized by the Government: Provided, That the majority of the members of the Board shall be holders of a master's degree in nursing: Provided, further, That the Chairperson shall be a holder of a master's degree in nursing;(d) Have at least ten (10) years of continuous practice of the profession prior to appointment: Provided, however, That the last five (5) years of which shall be in the Philippines;EXISTING PROVISION | * (c.)The chairman of the Board of Nursing shall be a holder of a doctorate degree in nursing. Provided that all of the members of the board shall be holders of Masters degree in nursing. * Have at least ten (10) years of continuous practice of the profession prior to appointment: Provided, however, That the last five (5) years of which shall be in the PhilippinesPROPOSED PROVISION | * Board of Nursing are considered the highest position in the field of nursing in the Philippines and they should also have the highest qualification of education. And they are the one who formulates and implements the law as they act the legislative, executive and judiciary function. * Increasing the years of practice gives the Board of Nursing the privilege to develop their knowledge and skills as a professional nurse.RATIONALE | * Section 7. Compensation of the Board Members. - The Chairperson and Members of the Board shall receive compensation and allowances comparable to the compensation and allowances received by the Chairperson and members of other professional regulatory boards. | * Compensation of the Board Members. - The Chairperson and Members of the Board shall receive compensation and allowances comparable to the compensation and allowances received by the Chairperson and members of other professional regulatory boards but not equal or exceeding the salary of the Philippine President. | * The president is still the head of the state and the government and the commander in chief. |

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