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Competencies Assessment

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| Competencies Assessment | Submitted for MBA 602 | | | Submitted on June 30th 2013 |


This survey taught me a lot about my perception of the government’s role, and the importance government regulation has when it comes to the medical industry. I scored with the majority of the students when it came to describing the roles of biostatics serves in the discipline of public health. I found it to be of low/medium importance level. I do feel there is a need for biostatistics however; it is one of the concepts that does not play in my mind on a daily basis and it seems like most of the other students would agree. It tends to only strike me as important when it is on a national, worldwide, or has gained the importance of the media or news. I also scored with the majority of the class when it came to the statistical concepts as well. I do feel that averages and statically concepts can be very helpful when it comes to the impact that things health wise can have on the human population. When it comes to statistic the number can be manipulated pretty easily to portray whatever picture that people want. That does not mean is what is always being done, but I think is a large reason why as a class we generally find a low importance on it. For example, drug companies do a great job using statistics to show how great their products are with helping the world’s health problems. What the drug companies do not rave about is the other side effects their new medication cause to solve a different problem. However, again it is not something that gets placed a high importance until it becomes relevant news again in the public eye.
The same goes for alternatives when it comes to statistics. I know there are lots of methods out there, and for the people whose job it is to monitor these situations I would leave the number interpretation up to them. I do also think the...

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