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Competitive Analysis Within the Human Resources Consulting Industry

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“Success can be the consultant’s worst enemy” (Kubr, page 625)

Consulting as a profession has been around since the nineteenth century with Frederick W. Taylor practicing in scientific management. Consultants provide advice for a fee which can be dispensed in a number of verticals including: management, accounting, environmental, taxation, engineering, and many more. There are a number of consulting firms that provide specialized or generalist advice according to their client’s needs and profession. Such consulting firms that have a global presence include the following: Deloitte, KPMG, Ernest & Young, Price Waterhouse, Accenture, IBM. Due to constraints, this assignment will focus on Deloitte as the competition within the consulting industry. The company that I am President is HR One Consulting, Inc., (HR One) which provides human resources (hr) consulting services for the technology industries predominately located in Ontario. The company has provided consulting services for clients in other countries such as Israel, United States, and Switzerland and catered to additional industries such as: retail, financial, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, government, healthcare and many more. Our company’s vision, mission and value statement is as follows: Our Mission To contribute in understanding and realization of human capital as a powerful tool for achieving business goals and increasing business efficiency

Our Vision To be recognized for excellence in providing high quality HR services and recruitment solutions to our clients that contribute to the clients’ business efficiency and overall economic stability in Ontario Province.

Our Values Our values are based on creating trustful relationship with our clients on both sides by the way of providing accurate information, supporting open...

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