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Competitiveness & Productivity of Cib

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MSA University

MGT320 Project

Competitiveness & Productivity

Company Name: Commercial International Bank ‘CIB’

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Instructor: Dr. Ghada Aly
Assistant: Mohamed Salah

Group: ‘A’
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Abstract Competitiveness and productivity will give any organization a benefit over it’s rivals in the industry. This research aims to show the importance of competitiveness and productivity and how to excel at making the most of them. It also explains the vague terms and ideas within these concepts to give a better understanding of them. New advancements and technologies and their consequences and outcomes, in addition to what industries employ these issues in the most effective and efficient way will be discussed. Labor productivity and its essentials are broken down into detail. Competitive concepts and how to make the best use of competition is very difficult.

Introduction Productivity is a measure of output from a production process per unit of input. Productivity is designed for use in economic analysis and public and private policy planning. Production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs in order to make something for consumption. The methods of combining the inputs of production in the process of making output are called technology. Technology is represented mathematically by the production function which describes the relation between input and output. An increase in productivity is characterized by a shift of the production function and a consequent change to the output/input relation. The formula of total...

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