Competitor Analysis of Whirlpool Corporation with Special Reference to the Stabilizer Market in Surat

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The objective of summer training from academic learning point of view is to provide an interaction with real world and understand the problems, issues and challenges being faced by corporate world, and to give an opportunity to the student to apply the learning at campus. The trainee is expected to work on live projects and work out a feasible solution for the same. For the learner, it is an opportunity to understand about the functioning of the organization at broader level, understanding and experiencing what to expect after joining the corporate world. It is an opportunity to understand work culture.
On 15st March 2012 I started my project under the guidance of Mr. CHIRAG THAKKAR (Asst. Manager) SURAT. I have been allocated the area for survey in SURAT. The areas covered by me which are Varachha, Parvat patiya, Station area, Katargam, etc.

In 1st phase of this project I have visited service centre of Whirlpool at Adajan for collecting technical information of stabilizers that Whirlpool manufactures.

In 2nd phase of the research I have visited to dealers of stabilizers in Surat for doing survey about different brand of stabilizers.

In 3rd phase I have prepared a summary report of Surat electronic market on that basis it observed that stabilizer market is on peak in Surat due to problem of voltage fluctuation and thus competition is enormous.

In 4th phase I prepared few questionnaire and on that basis done survey in different electronic retail outlets in Surat.

In 5th phase of the research I analyzed the entire thing and on that basis I prepared a report.

Objectives :

Primary Objective:

“To study the competitive environment of stabilizer market”


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