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To Whom It May Concern:

This is a formal complaint of our experience with the RIU Palace Paradise Island.
We checked into the RIU Palace Paradise Island on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at approximately 3:00 PM. Upon check-in we were greeted by Front Desk staff member, Felicity, where she assigned us RM 804. Before we got into the elevator to go to our room, she stopped us and said she needed to change our room. After a few minutes we were then changed to RM 1202. Upon arrival to the room we were greeted by construction workers who were making repairs to the room, we also found another guest’s belongings residing in the room. While in transit back to the front desk, we were met by Felicity again, who said she changed our room to RM 817, and handed us another set of keys. When we reached to the 8th floor, we were greeted by a plethora of construction workers on the floor, in which we had to maneuver our way through and around them to get to our room. Upon arrival to our room, the first light to enter the room did not work, there were exposed electrical outlets, some questionable liquid white substance on the dresser where the TV sits, also various holes in the wall, in addition to the sprinkler being exposed, and none of the lights working in the room. We went back to the front desk to make a complaint, and they transferred us to RM 902. After retrieving our luggage from RM 817 and carrying it to RM 902, we found the door open, and were greeted once again by construction workers, only this time, not only were they making repairs outside of our room but they were making repairs inside our room. We waited outside of the room patiently until they were complete. After finally entering the room, there was dust everywhere from the dresser to the bed to the floor. There was a potent smell of wood stain that consumed the entire room, and gave me an instant headache and...

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