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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine
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Complementary and alternative medicine now serves as a solution to many ailments in the society. It centers in providing care focused on the patient wellness. Complementary and alternative medicine is now acceptable by healthcare providers as a way to offer healing through therapies. The existing type of medicine cannot satisfy the needs for the growing demand for healthcare in the world. The economy of countries is sickling and this calls for alternative ways to offer treatment to chronic and serious ailments. Determinations to ensure that the society is free of society work best than using many funds to look for cure and healing. Complementary and alternative medicine now offered in the current healthcare system includes the massage, acupuncture midwifery, naturopathic and traditional medicine (Mariano, 2007).
Patient self-care now is the primary aim of physicians. The patients manage their health with the help of the physician. Patient empowerment is now the key driving force to the physicians to help the patients know their health needs and requirements. The nurses receive education and training on patient centered care. The society faces chronic illnesses and conditions like stress that eventually lead to depression and finally death. If patients have that power to manage their health through complementary and alternative medicine, such cases cannot arise in the society. The patient collaborates with the health practitioner and ensures wellness through managed care.
Stress management is best achieved through collaboration of the physician, patient and the community of the patient. The nurse should ensure that the patient receives support from the family and community towards the management of the health of the patient. The nurse allows the patient to identify the problem he/she...

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