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Complexities of Gender and Culture in Counseling

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Addressing the Cultural factors related in Minority groups is a factor we all face in today’s society regardless of where we work or who we interact with on a daily basis. Being a counselor of anytime we will have to deal with this even on a more professional level.
Dealing with all ages of people weather they are children or adults it will be how you speak with them on a lower/higher skill level. Children are more apt to shut you out because if they were abused in any manner by a parent, close relative or even a stranger they may not trust adults and this could cause them to shut down. Using different types of therapy with them to get them to trust you will to be able to gain their trust back and let them know you are not a threat to them.
Adults on the other hand can be just as stubborn because they fear if their darkest secrets come out then shame comes also. This is true in many cases of abused adults. Gaining trust with anyone can take some time and not pressuring someone to talk about something they truly are not ready for can hinder a patient and could create more destruction in their life.
Disability patients can be one of the toughest challenges because depending on their handicap some may not be able to speak, walk, talk, or hear. This will take patients in working with them. We could need a translator or they only know how to use a computer to communicate or even flash cards and we will have to try and understand what they are trying to communicate and interpret their thought processes. Knowing how they actually feel we may never know this but helping them we can do.
Religion is a person’s belief and we will have to respect their right, no matter what we believe as counselors we can learn about their religion to help them in the process of their own grief and not push our beliefs on to them. In my counseling I have religious beliefs but...

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