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Complexity of Identity

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This article was written by Beverly Daniel Tatum and is titled “The Complexity of Identity”. This article was written for the purpose of trying to get the reader to understand what we are dealing in the world today in terms of one’s identity. The article goes into detail on the meaning of identity, and what it means to a person. Identity is very important because it is who you are and why you are the way you are. There is also a lot of time invested in identity because it could take a person a lifetime to realize his identity and how to cope with it. The article states that identity is very complex and it is shaped by different dynamics. As I said finding one’s self and their identity takes time and this is done by continued reflection and observation. Identity can also be a defect to you because someone might judge you because of race, age, sexuality etc.

An example of finding one’s self would be the story of Rachel Dolezal who is an American civil rights activist and who was a former teacher of Africana Studies. Rachel identifies herself as black, but allegations came up this summer when her white parents said that she was fake, and she is disguising herself as a black woman she's really not. Although Rachel denied this and said that her father is black, her parents showed the media a picture of a young blond-haired blue-eyed Rachel and also showed a copy of Rachel's birth certificate. This is what happens when someone is still figuring themselves out. Now I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or lying but all signs are pointing to a lie. This incident was very surprising amongst the black community, most saying that it’s a disgrace how someone who isn’t black pretends to be black like they have an idea of the hardships colored people go through day in and day out. Personally I’m not on her side nor the other after all she was a africana studies...

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