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Compliance of Ias 16 by Bangladeshi Cement Company

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World Review of Business Research Vol. 2. No. 2. March 2012. Pp. 16 - 31

Corporate Governance-Its Problems & Prospects in Banking Industry in Bangladesh
Begum Ismat Ara Huq* and Mohammad Zahid Hossain Bhuiyan**
Corporate Governance ensures to bring transparency, accountability and professionalism in the management system of a corporate body that enhances the credibility and acceptability to the shareholders, employees, potential investors, customers, lenders, governments and all other stakeholders. This is more true in case of Banking Industry. Since Banks deal in public money, public confidence is of outmost importance in this Industry. The study aims at finding out problems & deficiencies involved in Corporate Governance practice in Banking Industry in Bangladesh and also suggesting ways and means to remove the same in order to make the Corporate Governance practice sound and effective. In this study, both the primary and secondary data were used. The primary data relating to problems involved in Corporate Governance practice and suggestions to remove the same were collected on the basis of a questionnaire by interviewing 24 randomly selected Bank personnel such as Directors of the Board as the internal part of management and the Auditors as the external group. The secondary data were collected through an extensive literature survey on the subject. The study has identified some major problems in Corporate Governance practice in the Banking Industry of the country. The prospect of Corporate Governance practice is bright in Banking Industry in the country as reported by the respondents if problems are removed by the concerned management of the Banks as well as Bangladesh Bank management as the guardian of commercial Banks.

Field of Research: Finance & Banking

1. Introduction
1.1 Statement of the Problem Corporate governance is the set of process, customs,...

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