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We were given multiple readings this semester. There were certain readings that I really

liked and could relate to. To be more specific, one of my favorites was Clueless in Academe.
There were others that were aimed at helping me but I was too hard headed to practice. Such as the revision, prewriting, and brainstorming excerpts. My least favorite, the one that I think has less benefit is Revision Strategies of Student Writer and Experienced Adult Writers. Both of the reading were aimed for the betterment of my writing, however; Clueless by Gerald Groff is the one that really grabbed my attention and related to me the most.

At the beginning of the semester I was still getting the feel of Middle Tennessee State

University and how college functioned. The excerpt reading I liked the most and fit me best was
From Clueless in Academe by Gerald Groff. He speaks of how cluelessness is a natural stage.
Nevertheless, it is a stage you can escape. He recognizes the potential street smarts college students, and students in general utilize these days. I like to think that I am street smart, as is my writing. Sometimes I may not be completely accurate on the subject, but I can still make it sound good—and some teachers do not get that—as Gerald Groff explains in the reading. As the semester has progressed so has my knowledge of writing and how I write. After reading Groff’s piece I feel more at peace with that clueless feeling I get every so often when writing a paper. I just remind myself that cluelessness can spark some of the best ideas. Yet, sometimes I still struggle and do not write my best. Fortunately, teachers give opportunities to revise your paper.

Unfortunately, I see very little help in the act on revising a past paper. We are already having to shift focus to a new assignment. This leads me to the next reading, Revision…...

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