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Bank of America Corporation

Cohesion Case

Harris-Stowe State University

Bank of America Corporation has been one of the leading banking companies in the United states with over 5,800 banking locations and another 300 abroad. One of the reasons that they are leading the front is because of the IT system that they have implemented. BoA has so many opportunities for online banking, whether it be from your laptop, mobile device or tablet. Also, with their new ATM systems you can deposit cash or a check without ever talking to an employee. One of the largest reasons for Bank of America’s success as a leading banking organization is their ability to attract customer relationships. There are many ways to attract the eye of a customer but the aspect that Bank of America uses to perfection is their Internet and online technologies. With over 18,000 ATM’s across the U.S. you can withdraw money at anytime with ease. Also with their ATM check deposit you can deposit check’s or cash at anytime with the 24 hour ATM service. Along with that they have mobil banking that I use daily. With the simple download of the Bank of America app you can check your statements, pay bills, or transfer funds right on your phone. If that hasn’t caught the customer’s eye then this will. You can take a snap shot picture of your check with your mobil device and Bank of America app you can deposit it on the instantly without ever having to go to an ATM.
Bank of America has a very specific mission which includes everything you would want to see in a mission statement. They cover all the areas including what they are trying to do for their consumers, how they treat employees, what long-term values they have for shareholders, what they do for the community, and how they are always looking to…...