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As a learner, most of my writing has been APA style writing. In fact, the three universities that I have attended in the past have all required me to use the APA style of writing. As I recall my high school years, the APA style of writing also seemed to be a favorite amongst my high school teachers. They all required that term papers be written in APA style as well. This type of writing actually does not differ much from the ones included in the text reading. The text mentioned the APA style of writing several times. In my opinion, it appears to be the most popular style of writing, especially amongst college students. Based on the results of the quizzes, my grammar skills were actually a little better than average. I actually had expected to do better, but I guess my grammar skills are not as good as I thought they were. In any event I feel very confident when it comes to spelling, as I have always been a great speller. Even in grade school, I was a good speller. I learned at a very young age to challenge myself when it comes to spelling. Challenging my-self in that area really paid off as I became older, as I’ve never had a problem with spelling. However, I feel that I need more help with run on sentences and with thought patterns. Though I proof read my paper several times, it’s hard for me to see that I have several run on sentences until after I get my grade back. In general, I feel that my writing is just mediocre. However, I also believe that when it comes to writing, I am my own worst critic. Reason being, I am never satisfied with my work. I always feel like, “I should have done more” or “perhaps I could’ve done better” or “I should have spent more time on it”. Most times, when I feel this way about my work, I actually receive a good grade on it. Unfortunately, I do dread the task of writing. For one reason, it takes me so long to get...

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