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Introduction Business ethics and leadership can be a very interesting subject. This paper addresses the thoughts and leadership skills of a former boss of mine, Gail Painter. It contains a leadership assessment of me. And it also addresses how the concepts learned in this class can be applied at my current job. Business ethics and leadership styles and concepts are an ever changing thing.
Gail Painter was the Staffing Supervisor who hired me to run the Vinita office of Staffing Solutions, a temporary employment agency. Gail believes leadership develops with experience. Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purpose (Daft, 2011, p.5). Different circumstances require different actions and vision. Experience gives you exposure to different ideas and situations. Her experience working with the Director at her previous job was valuable in helping develop her leadership skills. She worked for a company with an amazing leader and she tries to model her leadership skills from his. He was always cool, calm and collected. He gathered all the facts before making any decision. Gail enjoyed working for a leader like that.
Her views of leadership have changed over time. Her work experience in a variety of different arenas has given her insight on good skills as well as some bad skills. Technology upgrades as well as upgrades to employment laws have also changed her leadership views. Working for a State entity is definitely different than working for the private sector. Working for a State entity creates more and different pressures than working in the private sector. Hind sight is always 20/20. Gail does reflect after the fact about how effective my behavior was in a particular situation. There are always ways to improve and get a different outcome....

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