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Compulsive Shopping

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Compulsive Shopping And Its Negative Effects
In today’s scenario more than 1 in every 30 adults suffer from compulsive shopping, it can be described as the human mentality of compulsive consumption, whether or not it is crucial for their needs or not. It is also stated as a mental disorder, referred to as oniomania, buying mania, compulsive consumption, compulsive shopping and addictive or impulsive buying. Marketers have always emphasized on how to encourage this consumption pattern among all consumers. A recent search has shown that in the area of disease theories, a model that is dominant metaphor used to increase both the drug addiction and alcoholism in many treatment program such as Alcoholics Anonymous.
Within the market three characteristics have showed the common symptom of compulsive shopping that includes the presence of a drive, impulse, or urge to engage in the behavior, denial of the harmful consequences of engaging in the behavior and repeated failure in attempts to control or alter the behavior. The primary criterion to determine whether buying behavior is innocuous or potentially compulsive buying is whether or not such behavior is causing disruption in the normal life of the individual. One aspect of looking this is that it is an impact of marketer who is putting up such deals that their urge to buying the products is increasing.
This can be explained by taking an example, a company is offering an exchange offer on a product and the extra payment has to be made through EMI than it is easier for any individual to buy as the payment has to be made in small installments which can be easily paid, these offers enables the lower section of society to buy things easily. But this also increase the load on the monthly expense of the individual as they have to pay installments, this is the reason compulsive buying manifestations are viewed as possibly...

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