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Computech Bank Case Study

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Computech Banks on Excellent Customer Service to Thrive

Although the African technology industry is in its nascent stages, it’s been an integral part of the continent’s socio-economic transformation in the past three decades..
Computech, a leading technology firm with a presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia, has been a major player in the technology sector in East Africa. For the last three decades, the firm has consistently provided top notch technology solutions to a growing clientele in the countries it serves.

Computech’s origin can be traced back in 1987 when its founder and CEO Hassan Popat established the company with an aim of bringing state of the art technology and expertise to the East African region.
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This paid off. With consistent growth came diversification. From hardware solutions, Computech grew its product and service offering to include software solutions, managed services, enterprise solutions , and many more.

Following its appointment in 1994 as Hewlett Packard’s distributor in East Africa, the company created two main divisions; one dealing with supplies to end users and another supplying re-sellers.
Over the years, the firm has cemented its place at the pinnacle of the robust technology industry in East Africa. Its success in the industry is punctuated by massive technology projects that it has successfully executed across the region, serving some of the largest corporate customers in the telecommunications, banking, and many other customers including government and non governmental organizations.
Going by the number of accolades and awards that the company has amassed over the years, there’s no escaping the fact the company has been a consistent performer in the sector.
It has also made a name as one of the most trusted and reliable service providers in the industry. So, what makes Computech stand
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“Our teams travel long distances to meet the needs of our customers and we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure the customer gets the best service.” Looking at the tremendous growth, it’s easy to see why quality services and great customer experience have been at the heart of this company. These core values are inextricably linked to the company’s culture which becomes apparent when you visit the firm’s Westlands headquarters. The well manicured lawn and green spaces and a creative office setting make for a conducive working environment for the company’s 350 employees.

A well equipped and trained team, says Popat, serves the customers better. He says that Computech has over the years improved the working conditions of its staff to enhance creativity and productivity. ”We invest in people. We train our people, develop their expertise while building our knowledge base,’ says the CEO, adding that the firm is proud to have an exceptional team of professionals. With a loyal and trained team, it’s not a surprise then that the company continues to soar like an eagle. Any company can move from good to great on the strength of its product and service offering, and Computech understands this

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