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Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance such as

alcohol, cocaine, nicotine or engages in an activity gambling, sex, shopping that can be

pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with

ordinary life responsibilities, such as work.

Computer addiction can be described as the excessive or compulsive use of

the computer which persists despite serious negative consequences for personal, social

or occupational function. Another clear conceptualization is made by Block who stated

that Conceptually, the diagnosis is a compulsive-impulsive spectrum disorder that

involves online and/or offline computer usage and consists of at least three subtypes:

excessive gaming, sexual preoccupations, and e-mail/text messaging While it was

expected that this new type of addiction would find a place under the compulsive

disorders in the DSM 5 the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of

Mental Disorders it is still counted as an unofficial disorder.

The concept of Computer Addiction is broadly divided in two types, namely offline

and online Computer Addiction. The term offline Computer Addiction is normally used

when speaking about excessive gaming behavior, which can both be practiced offline

and online.Online computer Addiction is also known as Internet addiction and gets in

general more attention from scientific research than Offline Computer Addiction, mainly

because most cases of Computer Addiction are related to the excessive use of the


In our research we learn that Computer games are the most popular entertainments

in modern societies and they target a variety of people in different ages.

The addiction to the rivalry and excitements of the games make them the most common

recreational programs for today's teenagers.



A Research Paper

Presented to the

College of maritime

Philippines Maritime Institute

City of Tagbilaran


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