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Computer Adiction

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2002: My Introduction to Computer Addiction
•One attempted to strangle mother with power cord when she unplugged the computer to get him off
•One stabbed brother with kitchen knife when he would not get up from computer to let him play
•No history of mental illness or behavior problems
•Teens denied addiction and were resistant to counseling
•Both placed on involuntary psychiatric holds.
•Cycles of abstinence, behavior contracting did not help cure the addiction or motivation positive change
•Attempts to help parents reestablish parental authority failed
•Limited success with these clients led me to search for effective treatment methods. Mostly non-specific methods were identified
•Conducted research and nationwide survey of mental health professionals in 2003/2004(c)2007 Kenneth M. Woog, Psy. D. 4
Computer Addiction Research / Press
•Very little research, some sensationalized press
•Controversial since 1989 - does it really exist?
•Symptom of other disorders or distinct disorder?
•Blame? - Game Developers vs. Parents
•Addictive Personality (blames genetics)
•Behavior addictions? Most problematic uses, computer is simply the vehicle (sexual, email/chat, gambling)
•Diagnosis - protocols borrowed from gambling or SA
•Treatment - No standard of care(c)2007 Kenneth M. Woog, Psy. D. 5
My 2003 / 2004 Survey of
Mental Health Professionals
•Survey Results: 5000 MD, Psych, MFT (n=229)
•Clinicians mixed 50/50: >clients seen,> believe it is a distinct disorder
•Clinicians saw 3 clients/yr, avg, 0.66 (11-17)
•On average, 50% knew someone personally
•Gaming: #1 endorsed problematic use 11-17 y/o
•Further research
•Prevalence: 0.6 - 6% of computer users
•On-line support groups for gamers
•Gaming addiction popularized in press
•No published treatment protocols(c)2007 Kenneth M. Woog, Psy. D. 6...

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