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Malaysian Economy
Vision 2020
Lectures: Madam Fatin Fazrida

Background Wawasan 2020 or vision 2020 introduced by former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Mahathir Mohamad in 1990 and was presented to the Malaysia Business Council in 1991. The vision calls for the nation to achieve a self-sufficient industrialized nation by the year 2020.Moreover, encompasses all aspects of life including economic prosperity, social well-being,education,political stability, and psychology balance. The main emphasis of vision which an annuall growth rate 7% is required which means Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had to be doubled every 10 years. Slogan 1Malaysia“People first,performance now. Vision 2020 is not only a mission for Malaysia to advance economically, but also for the nation to achieve an ideal social and political environment. Apart from that, it emphasises on the betterment of governmental system, life quality, social and spiritual values, national pride as well as confidence. Launched by Prime Minister in 2009 to move the country forward towards becoming a united, advanced and progressive society with higher living stantard and contribute to Goverment Transformation Program(GTP). Moreover, to transform the goverment to be more effective in its delivery of services and accountable for outcomes that matter most to the rakyat.In additional to move Malaysia forward to become an advanced,united and just society with high standard of living.


• To have sufficient food and shelter with easy access to health and basic essentials
• To eradicate poverty
• To remove the identification of race with major economic functions and to have a fair distribution with regard to the control, management and ownership of the modern economy
• To maintain annual population growth rate of 2.5%
• To double real GDP every ten years...

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