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The career that I’m going into is computer science. It all started when I was 14 years old, I won an Jack Lease’s award that inspired my interested me in computers because I got an IBM desk top and an scholarships that’s why I love working with computers. Computer science is a growing career field with good pay and fun, but you need to go to college, now about programs, hardware and have plenty of time to put into computers.

Computer science is a growing career field because every day there is some new programs, computer, cell phone, and tablets being made. Expiable “The Holy Grail of computer vision is to tell a story using an image or video, and have the computer understand on some level what it is seeing," that was one of mania reasons way computer science is a large going career field to get into. Also ever day the people of the world are looking for some sort of programs computers to make it easier to manage their everyday life. So in short with the pay (“Starting salary: $59,800 Mid-career salary: $102,000”) I will make and full that I’ll have at building or programming computers in my career in computer science is well worth my time to do.

The education that I need for computer science is a bachelor degree. Which I’ll be taking up class that I feel fit for my career that I’m going into like programming class computer hardware classes and understanding computer consents. If I do have more time to use I’ll like to take up a couple over classes too like web base design, and engines programs. I’ll also be working part time with some computer devilment computes, because in the long run all my efforts will pay off in the end.

Building and programming computers are different but yet you need both because without the one the other could not exist. Building the computers is the hard ware aspect of a computer, cell phone, note book,...

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